Novaform Mattress

Everything you Need to Know About a Novaform Mattress

Bedding manufacturers have long been concerned with sleep comfort. Innerspring mattresses have been the industry standard for many years. Several types like waterbeds, airbeds and high density foam mattresses have challenged its reign over the past years without success. It still holds 90% of market shares in terms of mattress sales up to this day.

A newly engineered product launched during the 80’s took the bed industry by storm. Tempur-Pedic initially introduced foam beds in the market and other companies followed suit. Next came the Novaform mattress which called their products memory foam.


Sleep Innovations is the company behind the memory foam. The innovative foam involves billions of cells moving independently at the cellular level. This type of foam is a type of visco elastic foam that costs a lot to manufacture. A Novaform mattress is made of several different layers of foam. The layers on top are soft and quickly respond to body weight. The 2nd and 3rd layers increase air flow and distribute body weight.

Popular Features

The thickness of a Novaform mattress is 12 inches with the temperature-sensitive top layer measuring 3 inches. The rest is used for support and foundation of the mattress which are made of conventional high density foams. These foams return to their original shape once pressure has been taken off. The main feature of memory foam is its ability to absorb weight and it molds to the body’s contour.


Memory foam mattresses will provide you with the ultimate sleep experience. You’ll get more comfort and balanced temperature while sleeping and considerably more support than any traditional mattress or foam. The mattress also distributes weight evenly which greatly reduces tossing and turning while sleeping.

A Novaform mattress has a warranty of 20 years. The mattresses can be used for conventional bed frames, slated frames, platform beds or even on the floor. Movement on one side of the mattress will not affect the other side. This particular feature is ideal if you’ll be sharing the bed with someone.

Maintenance Guide

Buying memory foam is basically a form of investment. You are technically investing on the comfort of your sleep for the duration of the mattress. It costs a lot more than your average mattress which requires you to properly take care of it. Discussed below are some tips on how to prolong the service life of your Novaform mattress.

  • To remove stains and odors, remove foam cover and wash foam with a solution of water and vinegar. This will take care of any stains and minimize the odor significantly.
  • Dry the foam in sunlight. Leave it out in the open air to dry for no more than 2 hours. Make sure not to leave it for more than 2 hours to prevent any damage.
  • Make sure that the memory foam is dried up completely before putting the cover back. This will prevent any moisture build up.


A Novaform mattress is a great way to experience the most comfortable slumber. Investing on this type of mattress will provide you with the much needed rest that you need to effectively do your job during the day.

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