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Adjustable Bed Risers: The Perfect Storage Solution

It’s a little weird to refer to adjustable bed risers as the perfect storage solution. After all, they’re designed for beds which are not really storage solutions. We use our beds for rest and relaxation. We use our beds every night so we can sleep and recharge for the following day. Surely, there’s nothing that can help beds be storage solutions.

Look Underneath Your Bed

Look underneath your bed and there’s a good chance that you’ll find a few things. Maybe you’ll find several shoe boxes that you used to store some letters and pictures. Maybe you’ll find some of those plastic boxes that you used to store old clothes. Maybe you’ll find a few stacks of magazines. Imagine how much stuff you’ve stored underneath your very low bed. Now, imagine if you’re able to raise your bed a few more inches and imagine how much more stuff you can store underneath your bed. This is where adjustable bed risers can help you.

What are Adjustable Bed Risers?

Think of them as elevator shoes. People wear elevator shoes in order to be taller. The same theory applies here. You’re going to place them underneath the bed in order to add height to the bed. They’re kind of like stilts, in a way. There’s no high technology involved, just pure ingenuity and simplicity.

How High Can Your Bed Go?

The best thing about adjustable bed risers is they’re adjustable. Do you want to raise your bed 3 inches? That’s not a problem. Do you want to raise it 8 inches? It’s not a problem at all. Imagine how many storage boxes you can store underneath your bed with an additional 8 inches of space. Usually, 8 inches is the highest. After all, going higher than that can be a safety concern.

This solution is perfect for small rooms like dorm rooms. Think of it like high rise condominiums in busy cities. Since they can’t expand by going wider, they expand by going higher.

A single storage box in a corner takes a lot of space. By placing it underneath the bed with the help of adjustable bed risers, you’re able to store your stuff without using any additional space since the bed is right there anyway. This way, you save space in a couple of ways. You’re able to store stuff that takes up a lot of space like clothes that you don’t use, books, pictures and the likes. You’re also able to save space by storing them in an area that doesn’t affect the overall space of the room.

Any Other Benefits?

It’s hard to imagine something simple present more benefits. However, it’s good to know that they offer more benefits. Raising your bed can help you have a better view of the TV. It can help you be at eye level of the TV. In addition, you can also raise your bed to be in perfect view of whatever is outside the window. This is helpful if you have a beautiful view. After all, there’s nothing better than waking up to an amazing view. Adjustable bed risers can help.


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