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Adjustable Air Beds: Keeping Up with your Sleeping Preferences

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Everything You Need to Know About Air Beds

Air beds are rising in popularity and for good reason. Simply put, they’re great beds especially if you’re going to order high-quality ones. Gone are the days when an adjustable air mattress is only used as a spare mattress. Now, they are also used for several other uses like the following:

  • Main beds used in bedrooms
  • Guest beds
  • Camping air beds
  • Beds for fun and entertainment

There are Several Options Available for to get an Adjustable Air Mattress

With the rise in demands, it’s just fitting that companies took notice so they created several different models that are now available on the market. In fact, did you know that you can also buy adjustable air beds? There are also several brands that you can look at. An Intex air bed is a popular choice together with a Coleman air mattress. You can easily find an air mattress that will fit your needs and wants.

The Difference Between these and the Normal Beds

If you don’t know the difference between these and normal beds, there’s a good chance that you haven’t slept on an air mattress before. The main difference is clear. With one of these products, you get to adjust the firmness and comfort level of your mattress. On the other hand, you’re stuck with whatever firmness and comfort level that the normal bed offers. This probably explains why mattress shopping usually takes hours and countless of testing.

You don’t have to do that with an air mattress. You don’t even need to test it as long as you’re buying a good brand like an Intex air bed or a Coleman air mattress. This is because you can adjust it to fit your needs or wants. Do you want something firm? It’s not a problem, just pump in more air to your Intex. Do you want something soft? Go easy on the pumping of your Coleman air mattress, or just release a little bit of air.

The major benefit is clear. With these products, you get to sleep in a bed that you’re most comfortable in. Have you tried sleeping on a bed that you’re not used to? You probably tossed and turned for hours before you fell asleep, only to wake up a half hour after.

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Other Benefits of these Products You Can Sleep on.

Here are other benefits that an air mattress provides:

  • It’s easy to store.

This makes them the perfect spare bed. Do you often have guests staying for the night? Please save them from the hassles of sleeping on your couch filled with dog hairs. Of course, having a spare mattress takes up a lot of space. That’s not the case if you’re going to store adjustable air beds. Just roll them up when not in use for storage at the back of your closet, and roll out the air mattress when needed.

  • Anyone will feel comfortable sleeping on it.

Speaking of guests, wouldn’t it be nice to give them a bed that they’ll be comfortable sleeping on? It is indeed possible? Just hand them the pump and let them determine the firmness level. Just make sure that you’ll buy a good air mattress. A Coleman model is a popular choice together with an Intex, which is also a possibility.

  • It’s tough.

Are you afraid that one wrong turn will deflate the air mattress? Well, that’s a valid concern. This is why you have to stick to good brands. If you buy air beds from a good brand, you can be sure that they’ll last you a very long time. This is why people are saying that a Coleman air mattress or an Intex air bed is a good investment. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about springs sticking out which happens to regular spring mattresses after a few months or years.

  • It’s good for your back.

Having a bad back is a nightmare for a lot of people and this deprives them of a good night’s sleep. You may need to spend a little time inflating and deflating it until you find the firmness that’s perfect for your back. But once you do, you’ll be sleeping like a baby.

  • It’s relatively cheaper.

Mattresses are very expensive. On the other hand, these adjustable alternatives are relatively cheaper. Even a Coleman is very inexpensive. An Intex air bed is equally inexpensive as well. Considering the fact that they’re very good brands and air beds in general have a lot of benefits, you have quite the steal by going down this road.

  • It’s not just for sleeping.

This is the reason why families are buying more than one air mattress. They are simply not just for sleeping. Here are some ideas on how to use these beds:

  1. Attach them on your camping bag for a comfortable place to rest in while you’re in the woods. In fact, companies like Coleman makes these beds with camping in mind.
  2. Throw them in the pool for sunbathing for two.
  3. Store one in your entertainment room for a comfortable place to lie in while you’re watching movies with the whole family.
  4. Make your home the preferred destination for slumber parties by buying adjustable air beds for whatever kids do nowadays during slumber parties.
  5. Don’t want to deprive your kids the pleasure of jumping on beds? Buy a high-quality model.

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Things to Look for When Buying These Products

Of course, you have to be careful when buying these beds if you want to experience their benefits. You can do this by taking several things into consideration to make sure that you’re buying high-quality ones.

Here are the things that you have to consider before going out intending to purchase:

  • Brand

Simply put, you have to consider the quality and buying from a good brand can help ensure the quality. For example, you can buy a Coleman air mattress and get assured of the quality. Coleman is a brand popular for its high-quality products and since they specialize in camping, their air beds are designed with camping in mind. If their beds are designed to withstand the rigors of camping, you can be sure that they’ll stand whatever you have in mind for them inside your home. Speaking of brands, Intex is another good brand so you can buy an Intex air bed and be assured of the quality.

A good brand will also feature several features. For example, these good brands have PVC-free options. On the other hand, a Coleman air mattress features DoubleLock Valve and Airtight System technologies to make sure that your air mattress stays inflated all the time.

  • Price

Should you splurge on beds? Considering the fact that your good night’s sleep will depend on them, it’s a good idea to set aside a good budget for them. But just in case your budget is limited, it’s good to know that they are generally less expensive than the regular mattress.

Here’s the important thing – don’t equate price with quality. It doesn’t mean that a bed is high in quality just because it’s expensive. On the other hand, it doesn’t mean that a bed is low in quality just because it’s inexpensive. Just go for the good brands when in doubt.

  • Pump

A good pump makes pumping air easier. This is why it’s a good idea to buy a good pump. While most beds come with a pump, you may want to check out after-market pumps just in case you find better options. Most people generally stay away from hand and foot pumps. It’s a good idea to stick to electric or motorized pumps.

  • Size and thickness

A good brand should give you the usual options for the size – twin, full, queen, and king. Now, don’t make the mistake that other people make. A common mistake is when people buy a small air mattress because they want to save money, only to find out a few days later that it’s not for them and their partner. On the other hand, some people make the mistake of buying the biggest one that they can find, only to realize that it takes up too much space and it’s too big for them.

Also, make sure to check the bed frames at home. This way, you don’t have to invest in bed frames together with the adjustable air beds. However, make sure that you still want that present size of bed frame. Let’s say that you have a bed frame for a twin mattress and you want to replace your regular mattress with an air mattress. Do you think that a queen mattress is better at this point? Buy a queen bed frame together with the mattress.

Some brands also offer different thickness. For example, you can choose from a single high or double high Coleman air mattress. You can also choose from several thickness when buying an Intex solution.

Are they the Best Options?

You’re probably wondering if air beds are the best options. Well, it really depends on your preference. Some people still prefer the regular beds and mattresses. They do have their own advantages. At the end of the day, you’re going to buy what you prefer. However, there’s no reason for you not to have at least a couple of them. You can buy an air mattress like an Intex as your spare bed for your guests, and you can also buy a Coleman for your other activities like camping.


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